Visit the 5th dimension

Sometimes it is all just too much.

Your problems, your issues, your history, your family… sometimes it is all too much. Including you.

Sometimes you just need a break from yourself. It’s almost like your celestial soul is landsick just like your physical self gets seasick.

The nature of our existence is more spiritual than physical. Sometimes it is important to have a little bit of space from your physical existence.

How do you achieve that though?

Some people use alcohol, some use drugs, some use prayer/meditation and others use “making love”.

Even though all these are physical activities, they actually are meant to detach you from your physical existence.

But what about distancing yourself from yourself without the help of external entities?

Here is the power of the mind.

According to many philosophies and ancient traditions, all humans have a third eye.

The third eye is the tip of our pineal gland.

The pineal gland according to Medical News Today:

“Once called the ‘third eye,’ the pineal gland is a small gland located deep in the center of the brain. Named for its pinecone shape, this gland secretes melatonin, which plays a role in the body’s internal clock.

The pineal gland was one of the last brain organs to be discovered and has been the subject of much mythology and speculation. The seventeenth-century French philosopher Rene Descartes thought the soul was located in the pineal gland.”

But how we do use this gland and it’s eye?

The third eye, is an eye that looks into the unseen realms. It is the eye that sees more dimensions than the 2 eyes we use.

Our 2 eyes are used to observe the 3 dimensions of visible existence, the XYZ vectors. There are many other dimensions in our life that need other tools to be observed.

The dimension of time.

The dimension of time is the 4th dimension and it is responsible for maintaining the linear form of living cell progression. Time is a dimension related to subjects that change their structural nature over time itself. Most of the human anxiety is directly related to this dimension.

Most of the questions we ask ourselves when things are not going well, are time questions.


– When will this be over?

– When did I lose myself?

– When is my time? Will I die soon?

– When will I see you again?

– When do I get what I deserve?

– When did it all go bad?

– When will I feel better?

Time… a complex non-linear dimension turned into a manmade simple linear concept with severe side effects and misinformation.

So, what do we do?

Our body aging is the reason why the 4th dimension is misunderstood.

Since the 4th dimension is in direct relationship with our death, it made us slaves to it and prevented us from exploring the remaining dimensions.

The way a mountain reacts to the progression of time is hugely different than ours. The mountain has no stake in time, because to a mountain, death is not a real concept. The mountain knows that with time it shall evolve into a different form, yet maintain its existence indefinitely. The mountain knows that one day it might be blown to pieces by a volcano. But the mountain also knows that it’s energy will be transformed into a different form of energy. The mountain always exist, regardless of time.

How can we be more like the mountain?

The answer is the 5th dimension that is accessed through the 3rd eye, the eye of the mind.

Monks, solitary prisoners and the blind are the closest to that 5th dimension at all times.

Think of it like this:

If you were in a dark room (no light at all) for a while, can you tell if you spent 3 hours or a whole day in that room?

Can you tell if you spent 6 month or two years in that room?

The reason why you can’t, is that the dimension of time is heavily dependent on the first 3 dimensions. So if you can’t see the XYZ dimensions with your eyes, then the 4th dimension fades into the darkness. Time becomes irrelevant.

Since our soul needs at least 1 dimension to exist in, the 5th dimension opens up.

The 5th dimension is perceived by the mind’s eye.

That is when your soul leaves the body at rest in a safe place and it goes exploring the depth of the mind and the universe through imagination.

When everything becomes too much and you need a break from everything, including yourself… turn off time, by turning off your physical eyes.

Make sure that what you see has not a single distraction, regardless if your eyes are opened or closed. Make sure your body is fed, watered and relaxed in a safe environment. Then leave your physical body that is riddled with anxiety for 30 minutes or so. Explore your mind, find the gate of the universe at the bottom of your pineal gland and jump through it with your third eye and float through the infinite space so you can remember that you are a spiritual entity having a human experience.

Life in the realm of the soul is endless, so the time is only Earth bound. Our old soul chose to have this short human experience for a reason that we can’t remember. But we should trust our soul on that decision because it is all knowing.

We just sometimes need to take a very short break from everything, to use our imagination, to remember…

Imagine how better our day to day interactions will become once we remember the truth of our soul, through the third eye, in the 5th dimension.



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