Parallel universes & miracles

They say pray for a miracle. They say pray and it all turns well.

It always fascinated me.

The trust that people have in miracles is unfathomable to some of us. But why? How could we be made from the same soil but share such different beliefs?

I grew up as a religious person. For a long period of my life I wanted to be a monk. I prayed many times a day; but never for a miracle.

Underneath my monk hood was a scientist lurking, questioning every thought.

If I finish my test and submit it, how could praying change anything? The test is a true or false test and my answers are already written. If I know I have a wrong answer, is praying going to replace my answer?

I always thought it was impossible. I would pray for the power to deal with the result of what has been done. I wouldn’t pray for a miracle to change the outcome since I was convinced that miracles are impossible, they are even irrational.

Many years later, I find myself on a completely different trajectory. I’m studying Pure Physics at the national science academy.

We sit in a long auditorium, 1200 students listening to a professor talking about the theory of relativity. At this point, my monk mind has hibernated back in his floor and my scientist mind is running the building. Back then my mind had two floors, one for the scientist and one for the monk.

I sit in the back of the hall. In a room of 1200 students, a seat in the back is a seat way in the back. I’m so far back, the professor looks like a fairy, whispering and sharing her knowledge in a distant land called the front of the auditorium. She stops talking about relativity and she speaks about the concept of parallel universes.

As a teenager, hearing that theory, made my atheist scientific mind bless the lord. The idea of having multiple versions of ourselves in different scenarios was just overwhelming. So I decided to look deeper into that. I looked so deep, I found myself 2 years later in Film school studying film theory.

That semester we were studying Krysztof Kieslowski and the film theory of the “What If”.

What if every time you made a decision in your life the decision you didn’t take, was taken by a version of yourself in a parallel universe. It is called the bifurcation.

Let me expand:

You are at a car dealership. You see the car of your dreams. You also see the car of your wife’s dreams. They both will work perfectly for your household and they are both in your price range. You wonder what to do.

After long thought you buy your wife’s dream car. In a parallel universe, at the same moment, your “double” decides to buy his favorite car instead of his wife’s favorite car.

According to Kieslowski, this variation in a decision creates a whole new set of interactions that changes the trajectory of your character or his/her double.

To go back to our example:

On the way home from the dealership, you are so excited to be your wife’s hero. She is very happy as well, so she suggests that you two go on an unplanned date, so you do.

On the way home though, your double and his wife are not as happy. She is upset and he is unsure why she is upset, they have a new car. She tells him she wants to go to her parents house and hang out. He really wanted to take her on an unplanned date but she doesn’t look excited, so he accepts to go to her parents house.

The bifurcation that occurred isn’t drastic and it’s results aren’t drastic either. The way the parallel universe works is not as simple as:

You and your wife live happily ever after, while your double and his wife get a divorce.

What happens at a bifurcation is a ripple effect. You will have a different experience on the date than your double will at his in-laws. Up until then you were the same person. Now you are different people with different experiences.

A great kyeslawski movie that dabbles with theory is “Le Hazard”

The what if world.

Every time you think: “what if I didn’t become a lawyer, or what if I order the vegan option instead of the meat.”, know that a parallel universe has been created where you made that decision you are wondering about.

Kyeslawski also believed in the concept of the “double” in this universe. He believed that every human has a double on earth. The same soul delivered into 2 different sets of circumstances as life plays out. In the concept of the “double”, doubles can not meet. If you meet your double one of you has to die. A great movie that speaks of this is “Le double vie de Veronique”.

That was mind blowing to a young mind and to an old mind just as much; I now know.

In my mind, a new floor had to be built. The two floor building in my mind has become to small. Now a philosopher lives in my mind and he lives on the newly built third floor.

As I sit on the roof of our humble home in the camp, trying to avoid the heat of summer, I look at the stars shining above and I wonder…

Parallel universes. Do they physically exist?When do these universes begin? Is there a version of me where I was born still?

The idea of complete realms being created simply because I made a set of decisions seems over the top. Does that mean each one of us lives in his own universe?

I pondered on that question a lot… for many month… I think that each one of us lives in their own universe but when any of our senses can detect another living entity we share a universe with them for the time of interaction.

When I am alone, I can think about anyone or anything and decide to believe what I want to be believe.

I can convince myself that I live in a dome on the moon and if there is no another entity to tell me otherwise, I will continue to believe.

When people meet they share a common universe. In that universe there are laws and rules. The laws of social order and the laws of convention. Once the people return to their solo states, they return to their individual universes.

But what is the point? What is the point of parallel universes? The idea doesn’t help solve any of our existential dilemmas; it actually adds to them.

Along the journey of my life, I met an incredible woman, April, who has a magnificent perspective on life. She had traveled the world and seen the four corners of the globe. Her and I sit in her garden by her little house on a beach in California. Amidst the conversation she tells me about her project “The Questioneers”.

She was convinced that ultimate knowledge is not knowing all the answers. It is knowing all the questions. So I questioned, more.

Years go by, times change, energies shift, now I made a home on the American frontier and the building in my mind is 9 floors high. The reception area in that building is now a big hall where all the residents of the building hang together and part take in the decision making.

It is a diplomatic harmony in my mind. Except the guy who lives in the penthouse; But that’s a story for a different time.

To get back to the story at hand…

Not long after… Scientists think that they discovered a parallel universe, adjacent to ours where all laws of physics exist in reverse.

Parallel universes are no longer a theory or an idea. They are real, as real as reality; what ever that means.

April and I are on a picnic table by the fire on an island in the Salish sea. The sun is dipping, the sky is clear, the eagles roam the sky and the planet lives in a time of uncertainty.

A disease has spread across the continents of the globe. A disease so different that half the planet is not sure if this disease is even real. Cases numbers rise, people die in big numbers, or so we think… no one is sure of anything. What my wife and I are sure of is, we will take no risks. We will quarantine, raise our garden and observe until we can make a scientific evaluation of the situation, regardless of what the media is saying.

I have a small radio on the table and we are listening to the local rural radio station as we eat our snacks and sip our wine. The song Me & Bobby McGee by Kris Kristofferson ends and the radio show DJ comes back on the air. The idea of her show is simple: She gives a piece of information then introduces the next song from her summer playlist special.

After Kris Kristofferson finishes his song, she comes on the air and says:

“Today scientist proved that we live in a universe that has a parallel. They have speculated in the past that there are universes parallel to ours and there is an unlimited number of these universes, but recently they have proved the existence of one of them.”

She takes a short breath and then says: “Well, that’s a dandy idea.”

The show goes on but I stay put analyzing what that means. Science just proved that we live in a parallel universe.

Not that I don’t trust DJ’s but I needed to understand more. So I decided to do some research.

The sun had drowned into the ocean and the land calmed down but my mind is still racing, researching.

The pandemic took over society. It took over social media and mainstream media. The disease created a virus. The virus of misinformation.

So I went to google. Google is a beautiful index for an endless book. If the library of Alexandria has an index, it would have been google.

It didn’t take long to find a statement from NASA.

NASA explains that one of its scientists discovered a parallel universe where the laws of physics are revered. While studying particles coming from outer space, the scientists discovered an anomaly. There are 2 kinds of particles that come from outer space, 1 that pass through Earth unhinged by matter and ones that are stopped by Earth’s matter. So the heavy particles can only be detected arriving to Earth while the light particles can be detected arriving and leaving Earth. In that specific spot where the experiment took place, the scientist detected heavy particles leaving Earth back into space.

After much analysis, the only thing that could explain such an anomaly is that these particles belong to a parallel universe where all the laws work in reverse. So time moves backward and so do particles, if compared to our universe.

The scientist adds a little joke by saying: “obviously, to them, we are the ones in reverse.”

Nasa later explains that this is not proof of the parallel universe. there is no solid proof yet, but that is a big possibility. So I ponder… What if this is the truth?

Forget about why are we alive or why are we on Earth. Why do we live in a parallel universe?

I obviously have no clue but I found a theory that calmed my mind.

The concept of parallel universes is the Miracle that makes miracles possible.

If you haven’t abandoned this article yet, here are my two cents:

We live in a realm that excites parallel to an endless number of realms. A version of ourselves exist, or excited, in each of these realms. The realms are infinite and the possibilities are infinite. That means every single bifurcation that happens in our life, no matter how little, creates a parallel universe.


Remember that exam paper I was talking about as a kid in the beginning? Well… according to the logic of the multiverse and a little bit of mathematical probability, in that test room, my younger self created 1024 realms.

How? You ask.

There are 2 ways to answer each question in that exam paper; True or false. So if it was a 1 question test, my younger self would have created two realms (2 possibilities x 1 question). Just like the car dealership example.

Now if the test had 2 questions, there would have been at least 4 realms (2×2) (2^2)

1- realm where I aced it

1- realm where I got all wrong

2- realms where I get one right and one wrong.

If the test had 3 questions, I would have created at least 8 realms (2x2x2)(2^3)

Since that test had 10 questions then it was 2 to the power 10 (2^10) (2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2)

1024+ possible outcome for that test with 1024+ different universes. That is now a fact.

But if a particle can jump through parallel universes then so can we. We are nothing but a group of particles giving us form.

So when I now pray, I pray for a miracle. Because now I know how miracles work.

The Earth rotation creates a specific frequency and our mind thinking creates another frequency. The Buddhist say that when you truly meditate or chant or pray, you tune your frequency to the frequency of the Earth.

If you are able to tune your frequency, you will be able to shift yourself from this universe to any parallel universe you want to join.

If it something you want, then it is something that exists. Even if it seems like what you are wishing for is impossible because “the universe doesn’t work that way” don’t hesitate, because if what you are wishing for was to work you would be in a different universe.

It is also important to remember that everything comes with a price. If you send yourself to a better realm you will send a version of yourself to a worse realm. Make sure you deserve what you wish or pray for.

Also, If your prayer takes too long to get answered or your meditation took a while to calibrate to the universe, stay kind so you can keep this realm as good as possible to who ever replaces you.

At the end, I will borrow from the greats to say: “the only thing I’m sure of, is I’m sure of nothing”.


  • June 17, 2020
    Lee Ryan Coston

    I don’t know about the bulk of what you’re said, but the last paragraph makes sense and is typical to those who have no assurance and faith in God.

  • June 17, 2020
    Qid Love

    Another way to think about it is that all possible worlds exist and are accessible to our subconscious (or super-subconscious) minds, and the decisions we make determine where our conscious perception is focused.


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