The Flight

Once upon a time

I was sitting on a flight.

It was a red eye journey

we were flying all night

I was waiting for the morning

I was waiting with delight

For I knew in the day light

love will sing my lullaby

In the seats right beside me

sat a man and his dog

All the inflight entertainment

didn’t seem to help his Salk

He was hearing conversations

from the airplane’s other block

He was used to ears-dropping

he had done that quite a lot

then the masses went to slumber

and the dog let out one bark

Rude riders were errateted

They said burn this Joan of Arc

He pet his puppy oh so gently

but gave her no remark

he stared at something in my direction

and said to me with an open heart

for hours now you have said nothing

so I’m guessing you’re very smart

I smiled to him

but he could not see me

so I had to laugh

or smile real hard

Then the man simply asked me

if I mind…

describing the world

in one word

to a man who was born blind?

Think about it

then he told me

And told me

to take my time!

I thought of it for a period

until the plane began to park

and then it just hit me

I took a breath

and said


the answer is


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