The story, “beyond the glass”

Had a home address

at a pen

a roaring lion

the ring was my den

the devil had me wired

with a tonic and gin

my father early left us

his double taught us to sin

I used my brother’s needle

to get high on heroin

hurt, craved, feened

till I get my fix

through any means

stole, cheated, lied

robbing a bank

was justified

in jail I lived

I spent my life

didn’t see my kids

and had no wife

I trained and boxed

to kill the time

until one day

an angel shined

beyond the glass

she always stood

I shared my pain

she understood

Mosetta is the angel

that made me change

her love…

simply calmed my rage

26 winters passed

and there…

I’m free

my life


belongs to me

drugs and crime

were a thing of the past.

every minute I had

I made it last

we raised a baby

and he grew up fast

now he’s a man

his road is vast

he calls me dad

I call him son

we are a tight family

we are all one

my past has passed

and now I’m here

my path in life

is still unclear

a boxing gym

became my goal

to help the youth

not repeat my fall

gangs and gangster

knocked at my door

said uncle Rick

I wanna gang bang no more

I took them in

defused their rage

taught them to box

to flip the page

the humble gym

slowly grew

before you know it

everyone knew

they come and hang

I share my tale

and they say

to hell with jail

one of my students,

not that it matters

was already good

but wanted to be better

kind and cool

he was very smart

hard work at school

saw boxing as an art

one day he said

let’s make a film

about your life

the story of the gym

one kid might see it

and set their mind

to live life

without drugs and crime

so I said yes

I won’t refuse

set up your camera

I’ll tell the truth

Watch The 45 minute Documentary

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