Philosophy A POWERHOUSE April Larson Assi and Joseph Assi are the creative powerhouse behind Raven's Eye Studios.
Their experience is rooted in a deep understanding of story derived from their personal journeys and tutelage from film greats like Stewart Stern and Tom Skerritt.
They combine this understanding with a sound proficiency across a suite of professional and commercial applications - Web Design, Animation, Graphics, Translation, and Editing.
Summer Look A BRAIN TRUST April and Joseph's collective brain trust is capable of taking you from concept to final cut, of building a website to help market the project, and of everything in between.

They are of a rare breed that sits on the cutting edge of technology without losing sight of the foundation of a good story.

With experience working across the globe, they are a multicultural and multilingual duo, they have experience working in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.
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Smart Look APRIL DIRECTOR WRITER CREATOR April is an award-winning writer and director with experience in film/mixed media on issues involving social justice, diverse cultures, and evolutionary forms of expression.
She has lived and worked all over the globe - from Los Angeles to Lebanon - which has widened her lens and given her a unique perspective.

She has been sought after for her inspiring state of the art creative direction in commercials, websites and publications. Her creative problem-solving skills enable her to work like John Henry and adapt like an animal from the Galapagos Islands.

She is the disciple of Stewart Stern, Monte Hellman, Tom Skerritt and Magnum Photos.
Summer Look JOSEPH EDITOR CINEMATOGRAPHER POET Joseph began his career in film editing at the age of 14, editing news footage in the Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon where he was born and raised. His talent, intellect and creativity led to multiple scholarship in Beirut, where he graduated with a BA in Film and a Masters in Cinematography. One of Ansel Adams' students, was Joseph's teacher.

In 2010, Joseph was chosen to be featured in a documentary in US. This unique opportunity allowed him to work in America, and to train with a team of multicultural and award-winning documentarians in Los Angeles.

In 2016 Joseph started a media company with Tom Skerritt, in Seattle. He was also a teacher and lecturer at the TheFilmSchool in Seattle, where he taught editing and new media storytelling.

Joseph maintains proficiency across every aspect of new media technology - such as Cinematography, Editing, animation, web-design and all things Tech. He has an extraordinary work ethic broadened and deepened by his life experience, and shares that knowledge with his students.