• easier than you think
    In the early days, you had to exert a lot of effort to add text to a photograph. Let’s take inter-titles in early films for example. Inter titles are frames with text on them to help explain the story or […] The post easier than you think appeared first on Ravens Eye.
  • A jump cut
    It was a long time ago in a little cafe in Paris. It’s December 28th 1895, if you are specific about time. The Lumiere brother’s are about to begin the first screening of motion pictures. But before we understand motion […] The post A jump cut appeared first on Ravens Eye.
  • Parallel universes & miracles
    They say pray for a miracle. They say pray and it all turns well. It always fascinated me. The trust that people have in miracles is unfathomable to some of us. But why? How could we be made from the […] The post Parallel universes & miracles appeared first on Ravens Eye.
  • The New, old media
    Media has existed since the day humans discovered language. It played many rolls in shaping our history and has an innate ability to rewrite it. It is the most powerful weapon known to humans. It is the main means of mass […] The post The New, old media appeared first on Ravens Eye.
  • An unsung editing step
    Editing is more than the just an assembly of footage. It is the placement of multiple pieces of information in an order that creates a bigger meaning to that information. And that meaning is the intrinsic value that comes out […] The post An unsung editing step appeared first on Ravens Eye.
  • Editing is the art of making things better
    To create a beautiful composition, the setup of the original photograph is the most important. Let the image tell what it wants to be. Once you hear that voice telling you what to do, you can get to work. A […] The post Editing is the art of making things better appeared first on Ravens […]
  • The bright light
      It is those bright moments, that wakes up the memories asleep at the bottom of the mind. What are we without our memories? An existential crisis that has been debated for as far as humans can remember. The memory […] The post The bright light appeared first on Ravens Eye.