Cinema has been around for over a century now.

In the era we live in, it is important to remember that the technology is new but the art is old.

The age of theatrical releases is fading away into the new wave of platforms and on-demand content.

Ravens Eye uses the new tech to keep the art of cinema alive in the upcoming realm.


A story about the different versions of ourselves created by different circumstances we all go through. This series is a day dream inside a day dream inside a day dream inside a closed circuit.

“For Her I Dance” is a 5 episode series with a total duration of 25 minutes. The first episode has won multiple awards and has been admired by all who see it.


  1. Documentary

    The Questioneers Lebanon

    After a few years of establishing The Questioneers platform and filming in different world wide locations. This pilot project began in Los Angeles, sheds light on Panama, and the Refugee camps in Lebanon.  Ravens Eye completed the first pilot in hopes of many more documentaries to come in the future. Shedding light on the youth connecting and exchanging ideas and forming friendships that can hopefully lead the future in betterment.



    Article about the founder

  2. A Film by April Larson


    First  Short film from Ravens Eye, about a soldier who returns home, to an unknown world, and no Hero parade. As he navigates his way through once was, and how to be, with the help from his oldest childhood friend, Rose. Story of true friendship, in hope that we can grow through our experiences, as painful as they maybe through the strength of friendship and those that have known us the longest.

  3. A Heyou Media Series


    After teaming up with Tom Skerritt, working with him closely. Ravens Eye was hand picked to film, edit, and produce Stroller Gangs. Which led to Ravens Eye partnering up and building the company Heyou Media with Tom Skerritt, based in Seattle, WA.


  4. the documentary


    Producer Jackson Clough, brought this gem of a story to the team at Ravens Eye. For 2 Years the team, followed and filmed Rick Brown and his wife Mosetta in their home town of Walla Walla, and the great work they have done, keeping kids off the streets and out of gangs, through Rick’s Boxing Gym. A real Cinderella story. Rick spent a majority of his life behind bars, due to addiction, and with the love of his wife, was able to turn it around and help the next generation, not make the same mistakes that he did.

  5. a submarine expedition


    Picked exclusively by OceanGate, Ravens Eye traveled on the first sub expedition to the bottom of the Atlantic, to capture the sunken “Mt. Everest” of all dives. With the newest technology, created by the great minds of scientists and nasa, on this new bell curve. Searching the unknown beneath our oceans. They dive deep, and capture the first underwater manned submarine expedition, at one of the deadliest sites in the Atlantic.

  6. International women's Day


    Ravens Eye was sought out specifically by She and I productions, along with the ferociously talented Musician Chris Pierce, to be part of an exclusively made production team entirely all by women. To promote International Women’s Day.

    “Our collective hope is to add to the conversation of female equality through artistic expression and speak directly to the hearts of those who are dealing with a wide variety of experiences, hurdles and complicated journeys. As a man, I challenge all men to hear loudly women’s accounts of courage and agony and take a deep look within. I’m deeply honored to have collaborated with so many incredibly talented women on this video both on and off screen. Women are life. An everlasting force of wisdom, strength, courage & nurturance.” 

  7. coming soon


    With the onslaught of audience feedback and a yearning for more, specifically in the European market. We have embarked on making the rest of the series. The first episode which won many awards. Including best director, best editor, and best cinematography.

  8. coming soon

    oh deer

    Pearl who has chosen on purpose to be in a lowest end St. Jude Hospital for the terminally ill , meets a ubiquitous young ally Gabe. They break out of the home each night to conquer her lists of to do’s before she dies. One of them is hitting a deer on the road, that once killed her mother and father.  Scheming a plot before her kids can inherit her extreme wealth, she pulls all the stops with quirky odds and ends in this wild tale, in cohorts from the misfits that help her accomplish her wildest dreams. A story of perseverance and wit, that hasn’t been seen on screen since Harold and Maude.

meet us


If anyone can do it, we can do it. If no one can do it, we must do it.

April Larson

Director, Writer

Joseph Assi

Cinematographer, Editor